How to Win The Lottery | Avoid These 5 Pitfalls and Win Big


99% of lottery players make the same mistakes while learning how to win the lottery. The 1% of people out there you read about cashing in massive jackpots aren’t simply lucky.

colored lottery ballsNo, these lottery winners have figured out a way to game the lottery system and dramatically improve the chances of buying a winning ticket.

Dodge these common mistakes and you’ll be able to teach people how to win the lottery someday.

How to Win The Lottery | Break Bad Habits

For many people, their lottery strategy amounts to a war of attrition. They think that simply buying the same ticket with the same numbers week after week will pay off in the long run.

Sorry, but it’s probably not going to happen that way. Lottery winners that cash in consistently know how to win the lottery.

And they understand that simply plugging away and tossing your cash on lottery tickets isn’t a smart short-term or long-term lotto winning strategy.

How to Win The Lottery | Get Help

Many people think they can uncover how to win the lottery on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t like to come out in your favor over the long haul.

megamillions-lottery-ticketsSure, there’s nothing wrong with testing out theories and strategies for yourself.

Maybe you want to come up with your own lottery software.

But it’s a much less risky strategy to simply copy what successful lottery winners already do.

They’re the best people to teach you exactly how to win the lottery.

How to Win The Lottery | Become a Student

Like any new subject, those that do best tend to immerse themselves completely in it. How to win the lottery is no exception.

How do you think lottery winners who have hit the jackpot four times or more were able to do it?

It sure wasn’t sheer luck! They turned themselves into curious students who were looking to master how to win the lottery and earn a PhD in “lottonomics.”

How to Win The Lottery | Copy and Paste

It’s surprising to see how many lottery players refuse to follow the advice given to them from previous lottery winners.

Truth be told, some of the advice and lottery software coming from these people can seem counter intuitive.

But that’s precisely why it works so well! Because they’re bucking lotto trends, they’re able to play more intelligently than most people who just buy a ticket mindlessly.

It’s best to buy software and books on how to win the lottery from lottery winners with at least 2 jackpots under their belts.

How to Win The Lottery | Eliminate Luck

When it comes to the lottery, there’s a large element of luck. But is that true?

lotto-ticketMany mathematicians and scientists are questioning the fact that serial lottery winners are just lucky.

According to new research, it’s the lottery strategies, approaches, and lottery software that they use which gives them a true edge over fellow players.

So whether you pray, use a lucky rabbits foot or kiss a smiling Buddha, it’s best to ditch your superstitions and learn scientific ways of how to win the lottery.

How to Win The Lottery | Experiment

No single lottery software or book from a lottery guru is going to make you a top ‘how to win the lottery’ scholar overnight.

To do that, you need to actively try out new strategies and now just passively read about how to win the lottery. That way, you’ll be able to see what techniques work for hitting the jackpot in the real world.

Only then will you become a true expert on how to win the lottery.