5 Interesting Lottery Winner’s Stories

lottery winners

We will all like to gain a sudden windfall whether it is a lottery or inheritance. This is the reason why people often search for can you really learn how to win the lottery or stories about lotto winners. We will today share with you 5 interesting stories about lottery winners.

1. Lucky mascot:

An individual by the name of Frane Selak escaped a series of mishaps and after he won lottery worth $ 1 million.

Frane-SelakIn total, he escaped the train derailment, a plane mishap, a bus crash, 3 car accidents and after that he finally won the Croatian Lottery.

Lucky Fran won a lottery prize worth $ 1 million in USA currency.

2. The head and lottery winner:

Donna Campbell in 2007, noticed that her husband Arnim Ramdass had started behaving a bit weird.

She later on also found a postcard which highlighted as new property purchase.

On googling the name of her husband, she found out that he had worn a lottery worth the $ 10.2 million.

He had won the lottery along with 16 other airline mechanics. His total share was $ 0.6 million before taxes.

3. Double the lottery:

Derek Ladner might be one of the very few individuals who has benefited from his old memory.

Lottery winners Derek and Dawn LadnerIn 2007, he won the jackpot of € 2.3 million spread across 5 different winners.

After pocketing a share, a week later he remembered that he had bought another ticket with the same numbers.

Crazy or what?

This instantly doubled his share in the jackpot as he was able to pocket 2 shares from total 6 winners.

4. Unfortunate lottery win:

A man by the name of Karl Atwood from Indiana won the lottery in 2004. The total amount which he won was $73,450.

Hours after the win, he was struck by a truck and lost his life within few hours.

The intersection was unlighted and the lottery winners were in dark clothing which led to the accident.

Unfortunately, this is one of the lottery losers who does not have a happy ending.

5. The Sued winner:

William “Bud” Post was elated when he won the Pennsylvania lottery. He won the lottery in 1988 pocketing $16.2 million before taxes.

bud post lottery winnerHowever, as good luck did not last long. He got sued by his former girlfriend in order to gain a share.

Moreover, his brother hired someone to have them taken out so that he can enjoy the winnings. His siblings forced him to invest in a car business and the restaurant, both of which led to his downfall.

Eventually, he lost everything and is currently living on Social Security.

Thus, the line between lottery winners and lottery losers is pretty thin.

Many times, even stories of winning the lottery can end up having a tragic end.

Thus, instead of running behind magic solutions like lotto spells or trickery such as that used by British mentalist Derren Brown it is a better idea to just keep on trying your luck rather than putting in the extensive effort.