Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

Most of the people just look for shortcuts to win the lottery. The problem is that even if you end up joining the lottery winners club rather than the majority of the lottery losers, it is still a task manage the money the right way.

In all probability, you should learn 1st about managing the money rather than finding out how to win the lottery. Only when people are ready for the sudden windfall, they will be able to utilize that money.

Today we will share with you some stories about past winners who lost it all after making it big.

1. Lisa Arcand:

Lisa Arcand won $1 million in 2004. She was based in Massachusetts.

Like most of the other lottery winners, she took vacations as well as bought a house.

lisa-arcandThe problem is that after taxes, $ 1 million do not last long. In order to supplement their income, she also opened a restaurant which field.

Finally, in 2007, she closed the restaurant as well.

She blew up the entire corpus she had worn in the lottery as well.

According to her, winning the lottery was actually a pretty depressing experience for her.

2. Michael Carroll:

Michael Carroll went from being a garbage man to becoming a millionaire at the age of 19 when he won the jackpot of € 9.7 million.

He won the jackpot in 2002.

Michael Carroll

After that, consistent spending on a mansion, drugs as well as jewelry meant that the money disappeared quite quickly.

By the year 2012, he was unemployed and completely broke.

3. Gerald Muswagon:

Gerald Muswagon resided in Winnipeg when he won the lottery of $ 10 million in the year 1998.


He not only bought a property but spent lavishly on it in order to convert it into a party pad.

Moreover, he bought expensive cars not only for himself but also for his relatives.

By the year 2005, he had spent the entire money. He was working for minimum wage jobs in order to support himself as well as his family.

Within a period of 7 years, he blew up $ 10 million and was back to a minimum wage job.

4. Willie Hurt:

Williiam Hurt, this one not this one, landed a win on the Michigan lottery worth the $ 3.1 million in the year 1989.

Within 2 years, his marriage was wrecked and he also lost child custody of his kids.

Willie-HurtHe was also charged with attempted murder.

His entire winnings were spent on the divorce battle with his wife as well as drugs.

Winning the lottery did not turn out to be a good omen for him, unlike some others.

Lottery Shortcuts

While many people are still looking for shortcuts to win the lottery like Derren Brown, but in truth, winning the lottery has not been a positive experience for most of the winners.

It is important to keep your emotions under control when you’re having such a lot of money at your disposal.

Only once you are able to curb your emotions and temptations, you will be able to utilize the money the right way.

This and only this can help you in harvesting the power of that cash over a longer period of time.

10 Replies to “Lottery Winners Who Lost It All”

  1. I think its crazy that these guys who win big money just piss it all down the toilet. They need to be thankful that they’ve been given a life changing opportunity and then use it to sort their lives out.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Berry. Some winners view their good luck wins as a one-off event that is meant to be spent as fast as possible.

  2. This was a very interesting post but a little depressing all the same. Are all lotto doomed to lose it all? Is there a way to avoid this?

    1. No Jacqueline not all lottery losers lose their money. Some of them are very wise with their money.

    1. Arron not all lottery winners are stupid. There are some who have become billionaires through clever investments. There are also some stupid ones though – make sure you don’t become one when you win. 🙂

  3. I’d love to win the lottery jackpot or even win a good chunk of change on it. I’d invest it properly and get good financial advice so I didn’t lose it all.

    1. Vincent that is exactly what you should do. Good financial advice will ensure you use the money wisely to greatly benefit your life.

  4. If I won the lotto I’d never piss it away like that. You’ve got to be really stupid to mess up a life changing opportunity like a lotto win.

    1. It’s easy for people to get caught up in a spending spree Vito. As humans we tend to have a certain level of prosperity that we are comfortable with. When we go under that amount we do everything we can to get back to it but likewise when we go over that amount we tend to unconsciously do things that remove the additional wealth and bring us back into our comfort zone. It’s just human nature. However, we can increase our comfort zone!

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