How Derren Brown Win the Lottery?

Derren Brown - How To Win The Lottery

Derren Brown recently on live television predicted the numbers of the national lottery. Many people became awestruck as his predictions were entirely accurate.

A lot of the viewers also raised the question can you really win the lotto.

People are always on the search of interesting lottery winner’s stories to gain the extra edge to make money.

Derren Brown Lottery Winning Numbers

Unfortunately, the Derren Brown lottery win was fake and following his “system” will not turn you into a lottery winner.

We will today share with you how he actually did it.

  1. Split screen technique:

If you look closely at the show in which he predicted the right numbers, the left part of the screen is still all the while.

The right part of the screen has life. With the help of computer-generated graphics, it appeared to be shot by a handheld camera.

The truth is that the effects were induced by the computer.

The predicted balls were kept on the left, which meant that they were not live at all.

Moreover, he did not reveal his predictions at the start. He revealed predictions only after the draw.

According to him, this was done to avoid any kind of legal trouble. The problem is that when you disclose your prediction after the actual happening of the win, it is no longer a prediction.

This is the reason why his prediction needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  1. Misalignment:

At the start of the show, all the balls are perfectly aligned.

However, before research is over, to the left side of the stage, the balls are misaligned. This is exactly before he turns the balls to reveal is predictions.

This further proves that someone might have changed the balls but forgot to align them perfectly due to which, one of the ball was misaligned.

This is the way in which he was able to fake a lottery win on national television.

The misalignment really gives out the entire trick. The onstage help who swept the balls for the right numbers wasn’t able to keep them perfectly aligned.

This was clearly evident when the camera was focused on the balls which were placed. This mistake of the help brought tricks to the light.

erren brown lottery winning balls

With the jugglery of words as well as NLP techniques, he was able to convince people that he is indeed capable of predicting the lottery numbers.

The more you look at the footage closely, the more you will realize that the split media recording technique is used in order to change the balls to the actual numbers just before revealing the numbers.

Thus, just by following Derren brown you will not be able to predict the right numbers and will remain one of the many lottery losers.

If you really want to find out the ways to improve your odds of winning the lottery you have to

just follow the real systems that exist to discover the actual techniques which work.

As far as Derren Brown is concerned, the gimmick was nothing more than misdirection but boy was it enjoyable to watch!