Top Lottery Winners – Where Are They Now

where are they now?

The average jackpot size for most of the lotteries is increasing each and every month. More and more people are taking inspiration from past lottery winners to justify participating in the lottery.

With the increasing jackpot sizes, we look at some of the past lottery winners and where they are today.

Before you decide to find out if it’s even possible to win the lottery, it is important to look into some of these stories as not always, they consist of a happy ending.

where are they now

1. John Kutey:

John Kutey won $319 million in 2011. He decided to use a portion of his winning to build a water park.


He funded $ 0.2 million for the construction of spray park in the green island.

Even though the water park did not make him rich but he still retains a significant portion of his winnings.

2. Evelyn Adams:

Evelyn Adams did the impossible by winning the lottery twice. She won the lottery in 1985 as well as 1986.

Evelyn Adams lottery winnerThe total amount pocketed by her was $ 5.4 million. Unfortunately, she decided to push her luck a bit far.

She took her entire winning to Atlantic City to gamble on the slot machines as well as casino tables.

Since then, she has lost everything and is currently residing in a trailer park.

3. Louise White:

Louise White was 81 years old when she won the lottery in 2012. The total amount won was $336.4 million.


Since then she has created a trust by the name of The Rainbow Sherbet Trust.

It is named after the dessert which was lucky for her. She bought the winning lottery ticket after consuming the dessert.

4. Bob Erb:

Bob Erb bought a lottery ticket when he was going to its father’s funeral.

bob-erb-lottery-winThe decade ended up being lucky for him as he won $ 25 million in 2012.

He has been consistently buying tickets for 43 years.

He pledged around $1 million of his winnings to 420 Day which is an annual event which supports the legalization of Marijuana.

5. Janite Lee:

Janite Lee won $18 million in 1993. Unfortunately, she did not make wise decisions when it came to utilizing his newly made fortune.

Janet-Lee-lottery-winnerShe donated significantly to the Democratic Party.

Also, this coupled with his credit card debt as well as the regular habit of compulsive gambling led to bankruptcy in 2001.

She lost each and every penny of his fortune and had to file for bankruptcy.

Lottery Winners or Lottery Losers?

As you can see, not each and every one who had the winning numbers turned into a winner.

Many of them actually exclaimed that winning the lottery turned them into losers as they were not able to manage their newly gained fortune.

Therefore, instead of looking for tricks like those of Derren Brown, it is a better idea to 1st find out how you will manage your money. Only once you are sure about that, can you think about participating in the lottery.